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At Leading Your International School our Mission is to 'Level Up International School Leadership.' To do this, we are passionate about helping present and future international school leaders reach their full potential.
At LYIS, we believe in upholding strong ethical values in international education and recognise the importance of maintaining integrity and transparency in all aspects of our work. We strive to promote these values in all schools we work with.

Our innovative and well-researched books can be readily applied in various international educational settings and have at their core, a sustainable approach to leadership. We offer individually tailored, bespoke consultancy services to all leaders looking to become international school principals and CEOs. Read More


Our Mission

To level-up international school leadership


Our Vision

To be world's leading book(s) on international school leadership


We Value

  • Ethical Leaders
  • Opportunity
  • Sustainability

Meet The Team

Warren Cook


André Double


Barry Cooper

Podcast Host

Jane Gay

Head of Brand and Marketing

Sandy Bansal

Head of Digital Strategy

Chris Nash

International Principal Consultant

Grace Hu

Global Head of International School Sustainability LYIS

German Rincon

Head of Leadership Resource Design and Development

Conan Magruder

Co-Author & International School Principal Skills Consultant

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