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Vision, Values and Virtues

Can you have one without the other? Why international school contexts are key in each.

Empower Your Reflective Potential

Reflect, develop your leadership insights and prepare for the next challenge ahead. ahead

Learning-Centred Leadership

Use the tools to guide you back to the classroom and develop fresh perspectives. perspectives

LYIS Digital Magazine

The "Leading Your International School" digital magazine provides insights and strategies for school leaders. The first issue covers topics such as implementing effective digital learning environments, fostering student and teacher engagement, and navigating the challenges of international education. It includes case studies, expert interviews, and practical tips for enhancing educational practices. The magazine aims to support school leaders in creating innovative and inclusive learning experiences.

How do we focus on ‘Learning Above All Else’? It is a pertinent question in international education given the increase in choices and decisions that school leaders face. One such way is to ensure that your teachers are aligned with the curriculum and its context. Recognising the principal as a significant indirect influence on student achievement is also vital to building the Professional Learning Communities of the future.

What is your leadership perspective? How did you arrive at it, and how can we ensure that as leaders we arrive at different perspectives that can aid our international schools and our students outcomes? Just what does it take to be a successful international school principal and how can we benefit from the increasing prevalence of work placed coaching?

What exactly is Human Resources? Why are they such an important component of an international school? HR has a stake in more than we think. Use this highly meaningful guide to workforce planning to upskill your HR knowledge and gain a competitive advantage across a host of HR activities. Give HR a seat at the ‘table of leadership’ and the chances are, you won’t ever look back.

International schools are vastly complex organisations. Why not be your school’s G.O.A.T? Here we revisit Maslow’s Hierarchy from a uniquely international school perspective, whilst highlighting some key international school policies you’ll need to get right.

Creating a successful international school culture takes time, and a resilient frame of mind modeling what you expect from others. But what is exactly is culture, and how can we go about developing it and measuring it? Build your school culture with the help of Chapter 6 and recognise where and how it goes wrong.

The governance and governing models of our international schools vary hugely. Get to know how and what you can do to work with them to positively navigate change. Consider advocating for a HR presence on your board to help fulfill your boards potential.

What gets in the way of successful international school leadership? It must be a pertinent question given the longevity of some schools and their leaders. Barriers comes in all shapes and forms. Here we take you through some of the more common personal, school-wide and international school barriers you will come up against. Know what to do before they arise.

Leadership can and does go wrong. Part of the books message is to be more open and reflective of where it does go wrong and how we can all learn from our failures just as much as our successes. Remember why we are all here in the first place – to safeguard and improve the outcomes of the students in our trust.

André Double

A creative school leader, passionate about international education who has worked in the UK, Malaysia and China. He is committed to the thinking behind the future schools we need.

Leading Your International School

Warren Cook

Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO), Warren brings over 20 years of experience to the table. He believes in the power of people, their purpose and developing the right organisational culture.

Leading Your International School

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